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Ljupco Radevski

Hello @dannisfishies

Ive too started with EI dosing.
Most of the problems ive got with it was not understanding it completly. I thought that the ratio over the given numbers are fixed not flexible.
And in some cases ive ended up dosing x2 EI..yeah imagine that fun 😀

My best learning experiance with dosing was learning from Dennis Wong..ive got the luck to be in direct comunication with him..and by it and watching his videos…it helped a lot honestly.
His youtube chanel is….must see for advanced water chemistry.
From today point of view…EI seems alright but…too much ferts are wasted.

Ive too migrated on my own more linear dosing regime but seems ive got bored mixing all those powders on regular basis so sometimes i was lazy 🙂 and with that i was breaking up with the consistency..
Good all in one fertilizer its needed and those who are on the market.. most of the time are joke…but ive think there are some really good but they are still not popular…and i dont know why.
Denis Wong have his all in one…ive never gave a try but calling on his experiance…that thing should be really good.
These days i am using Masterline All in one. Its a Romanian product and its so hard for me to get it…but somehow i manage it.
Price is pretty low,dosing units are small but the company never said the ratio.
I am using that thing for the last two months and from the plant growth i am almost sure that the fertilizer is lean based.
All around im very satisfied coz plant mass is acting good,i am not slaved with mixing all the time and most important for me is the thing that consistency is there.
The thing that i am not 100% sure about that product is that maybe the PO4 is low…but like i said i am not sure…sometimes i see green spot algae on places..and first thing that pop out on my mind is that…but till today ive never tested for sure…but in close future i believe ill find is it the Po4 or something else is the case.