Purigen filter media for planted tank

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Freddy Tragkas asked 5 years ago

Hello ,
I wish high sucess for this project. Best Wishes!
I will ask the first question 🙂
What about purigen into planted tanks? I see that many use it around and for the first time i am thinking of using it on my next project. 
Does this compete with nutrients and no3 ?
Will it decrease the performance of amazonia soil? 
Thank you,

Peter Cookson replied 5 years ago

Hi Fred. I use a small bag of purigen in all my filters. Doesnt affect my plants as far as i can tell. Makes water crystal clear.

David Viau replied 5 years ago

I’ve used purigen in planted aquariums for about a year, it didn’t affect anything.
I removed it because I converted my tank to a blackwater for a while.